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Raygun EP
Release Info

Released: May 1997

  • 2. Generation X-Wing

  • 4:33
  • Lyrics
  • 3. Haven't Slept In Years

  • 3:33
  • Lyrics
  • 4. Alabama Motel Room

  • 3:24
  • Lyrics
  • 5. So Long Mrs. Smith

  • 1:38
  • Lyrics


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Liner Notes

1. Raygun
2. Generation X-Wing †
3. Haven't Slept In Year ††
4. Alabama Motel Room *
5. So Long Mrs. Smith

Produced and Engineered by Dale Penner for Paradise Alley Productions. Mixed by Clif Norrell at Ocean Way Recording, Los Angeles, Ca. Except * Produced and Engineered by John Shepp and remixed by Clif Norrell

Recorded at Greenhouse Studios anbd Utopia Parkway Studios, Vancouver, B.C.
Mastered by Stephen Marcussen at Percision Mastering, Los Angeles, Ca
A&R: Micheal Gallelli • Matthew Good uses Fender Guitars and Amps

All Songs Written by Matthew Good except by Matthew Good and Dave Genn and * Matthew Good, Geoff Lloyd, Ian Browne • All Songs published by © 1996 Dunharrow Music/ Gennsongs/ EMI April Music (Canada) LTD. (SOCAN) Except * & †† © 1995 Dunharrow Music/ Gennsongs/ EMI April Music (Canada) LTD. (SOCAN) All songs administered in the USA by EMI April Music Inc. (ASCAP)

MGB is • Geoff Lloyd • Ian Browne • Dave Genn • Matt Good

Management: Frank Weipert for Teamworks Production & Management, Vancouver, B.C., Canada ph: (604) 683-6535 fx: (604) 688 7155, courage@axionet.com

Cover Art: Amy Guip • Photography: Andrea Marouk • Design: Jennifer Koll.

Thanks Be Unto: Fans, Frank, Dale, Micheal G., Ron G., Bobby G., Michael and Barbara, Jonathan, Margi, Jen, Mel, Pamela from Space Mountain, Our families and female counterparts, Kiley, Megan, Dave R., Ruben Kung Fu, Jr, Sonny Bono, John S., Bob M., Rob R., And the C Fox Army, Teamworks, Courage West and Everyone at Private.

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