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Released: January 15, 2016

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  • Side One

  • 4. My Out Of Style Is Coming Back

  • 3:16
  • Lyrics
  • Side Two

  • 5. Strangest One Of All

  • 4:41
  • Lyrics
  • 6. Middle Class Gangsters

  • 5:38
  • Lyrics
  • Side Three

  • 8. Prime Time Deliverance

  • 5:33
  • Lyrics
  • 9. The Inescapable Us

  • 3:12
  • Lyrics
  • Side Four

  • 12. Look Happy, It's The End Of The World

  • 3:47
  • Lyrics
  • 13. Change Of Season

  • 7:20
  • Lyrics


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Vinyl 1A

Vinyl 1B

Vinyl 2A

Vinyl 2B

Liner Notes

Words by Matthew Good, music by Good/Genn
Except for 'the inescapable us' and 'prime time deliverance' (Good) and 'rico'
All songs © 1997 Emi April Music (Canada) LTD./Dunharrow Music/Bridgeburner
Music (SOCAN), except 'The Inescapable Us', Emi April Music (Canada) LTD./Dunharrow
Music (SOCAN)

Mgb is Geoff Lloyd - bass,
Ian Browne - drums,
Dave Genn - guitars/keyboards,
Matt Good - guitars/vocals
Todd Kerns performs backing vocals on
'rico' and 'everything is automatic'
courtesy of gods teeth ethel/universal music

Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Warne Livesey
Assisted by Dean Maher
Recorded at Greenhouse Studios, Burnaby, BC, Canada
Mixed at BJG Studios, London, England
Mastered by Stephen Marcussen at Precision Mastering, Los Angeles, CA
Digitally edited by Don C. Tyler

Cover photo by Leanne Peterson
Additional Photos by Andrea Marouk
Cover Concept by Matthew Good
Design by Garnet Armstrong