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Contact Info:

Need to contact me to report an error, or submit something?

Emailing me is the only option currently. Soon I'll try to get a form into here to make it easier.

Anywhere on the site where there is a clickable email address, it has [NOSPAM] in it, just remove that to send the email properly.

Please put "Disorientation:" in the start of the subject line.
E-mail: chad @


Q: Is this an official website?
A: Nope, just a fansite, but the official site's URL is:

Q: Do you know Matthew Good?
A: Yes, I at one time talked to him regularly. But not so much anymore.

Q: Can you give me Matt's msn email/aim name/phone number?
A: No I cannot, but he is quite active on various social media sites, you can contact him through them. Check the links page for links to those.

Q: What is History Teacher?
A: History Teacher is a compilation of all the demos plus a few extra songs sold without Matt's or other band members consent. More info check out the Discography, under the demos section at the bottom

Q: Can you design me a website?
A: Maybe, check out Plastic Soldier Designs for more information.

Have something to ask?
Email chad @ with subject line as FAQ


Have something to submit?

Stuff like this is greatly welcomed:
- Pictures
- Missing Tour Dates (proof would be nice)
- Setlists
- Trouble Bunch info
- Wallpapers
- Winamp Skins
- Anything else you think would fit onto the site

And other MG related materials. You will receive full credit for whatever you submit that was by you. So be sure to include the name you want to be creditted as with your submission. Trouble Bunch info may or may not be credited due to cluttering of some info.

Submit to: chad @

About Disorientation:

Disorientation was originally started as a small part of a "Favourite Bands" website that I created to try to get some sort of fansite out there for a bunch of different bands I enjoyed at the time. The site was of course hosted on geocties. It didn't last very long as a multi-band favourite site before focusing on just MGB

So in grade 9 (2000-2001), in computer class, I didn't know what I wanted to do for my next project, and I already knew a bit about HTML as well as had a small site to work with, so I decided to take the Matthew Good Band section off of the site I had, and make a site devoted to my all-time favourite band, rather than just top favourites of the time.

So I did just that. Which of course gave me more time to practice with what HTML could do.

Originally titled "MGBFan2002's MGB Fansite" from lack of ideas. Now that just didnt scream interesting at all to me so I decided to look through MGB related things for an idea for a name when I decided upon Disorientation, the August 1998 manifesto title, which was also the very first one I ever read. To make it seem a bit different I used sticky caps (DiSoRiEnTaTiOn) and the Bookshelf Symbol 1 font, which resulted in this:

I have since abandoned the sticky caps since they looked very childish, or first time website builder who knows little about graphics.

Disorientation was officially started on January 28, 2001. And has grown considerably since that time. Man has it ever come a long way too. It's had its ups and downs, many moves, but in the long run its been here for you, the fans. I know I don't always have it updated, but I try, and even without the new stuff on the site always it's still pretty comprehensive.

Name: Chad
Birthday: January 5, 1986
Live: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
MGB/MG Concerts: 2 MGB, 7 MG

From time to time I have actual stuff on my personal site:

I also have a design site/portfolio,, for showing all of my work

Matthew Good (Band) Stuff I Own

- Last Of The Ghetto Astronauts (Original Cover Release)
- Last Of The Ghetto Astronauts (EMI Regular Cover)
- Last Of The Ghetto Astronauts (Darktown A&M Release)
- Raygun EP (Cardboard Sleeve)
- Raygun EP (Regular Release)
- Underdogs
- Lo-Fi B-Sides
- Beautiful Midnight
- Beautiful Midnight (German)
- Beautiful Midnight (American)
- Loser Anthems: B-Sides And Rarities EP (#00666)
- Loser Anthems: B-Sides And Rarities EP (#08874 [Sealed])
- The Audio Of Being (Black)
- The Audio Of Being (Black w/A Pleasurable Headache)
- The Audio Of Being (Grey w/A Pleasurable Headache)
- The Audio Of Being (White w/A Pleasurable Headache)
- Avalanche (Original Transparency Release)
- Avalanche (Orange cover)
- Avalanche (Australian blue cover)
- White Light Rock & Review
- White Light Rock & Review (Jewel Case)
- In A Coma: 1995-2005
- In A Coma: 1995-2005 (Deluxe Edition)
- Hospital Music
- Live At Massey Hall
- Vancouver
- Lights Of Endangered Species
- Old Fighters
- Arrows Of Desire
- Chaotic Neutral
- I Miss New Wave: Beautiful Midnight Revisted EP

- Last Of The Ghetto Astronauts
- Raygun EP
- Underdogs
- Beautiful Midnight
- Avalanche
- Hospital Music
- Vancouver
- Lights Of Endangered Species
- Arrows Of Desire (White Vinyl)
- Arrows Of Desire (Black Vinyl)
- Chaotic Neutral
- I Miss New Wave: Beautiful Midnight Revisted EP

- Indestructible
- Apparitions
- Rico
- Hello Time Bomb
- Hello Time Bomb (German)
- Hello Time Bomb (American)
- Hello Time Bomb (Australian)
- Load Me Up
- Load Me Up (German)
- Strange Days
- Strange Days (American)
- The Future Is X-Rated
- Carmelina
- In A World Called Catastrophe (1 track w/video)
- In A World Called Catastrophe (2 track)
- In A World Called Catastrophe (3 track)
- Near Fantastica


Album Promos/Advances
- Underdogs (Advance Music)
- Beautiful Midnight (Promo)
- Beautiful Midnight (German 3" Promo Snippets)
- Beautiful Midnight (American Promo)
- The Audio Of Review: A Preview

- Black Devil Tour Shirt BM Era (front - pic of MGB, Matt in monkey mask, back - "Freezing Our Asses Off With The Devil Tour 99-00")
- White - Revolution (front- "XXX", back- "I Survived the Revolution")
- Gunman (Blue)
- MGB Yellow Kappa Jersey
- MG Avalanche Tour Hoodie
- There Are Some Things Better Said With The Lights Out (Blue)


- Black Market Surgery (1998-2000)
- At Last There Is Nothing Left To Say
- At Last There Is Nothing Left To Say (Autographed)

- Blue -mgb- Beautiful Midnight Era (x3)
- Audio Of Being era (x3)
- trustus (x1)
- I Hear Matt Good's A Real Asshole (x1)

- Original MGBFC Logo
- MGBFC Logo (x2)
- 'I Hear Matt Good's Still A Real Asshole' patch

- -mgb- skater logo label (x2)
- trustus Mint
- Audio Of Being 2002 Calender/Poster (calender one side, poster the other)
- Matthew Good Kappa poster
- MGB BM Era Tour Poster
- White Light Rock & Roll Review postcard (x3)