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Loser Anthems B-Sides And Rarities / Lo-Fi B-Sides Loser Anthems B-Sides And Rarities / Lo-Fi B-Sides

Release Info

Released: April 6, 2018

Release of both Loser Anthems and Lo-Fi B-Sides together on the same vinyl.

Loser Anthems cover on the front side, and an updated Lo-Fi B-Sides cover on the backside

Alternate Versions


CD | Blue Promo CD


  • Side A

  • 2. The Man From Harold Wood

  • 2:18
  • Lyrics
  • 3. My Life As A Circus Clown

  • 2:47
  • Lyrics
  • 4. Intermezzo: M. Good v. M. Trolley

  • 0:37
  • Lyrics
  • 5. Flight Recorder From Viking 7

  • 5:34
  • Lyrics
  • 6. Life Beyond The Minimum Safe Distance

  • 3:52
  • Lyrics
  • 7. The Fine Art Of Falling Apart

  • 3:46
  • Lyrics
  • Side B

  • 2. Enjoy The Silence

  • 3:08
  • Lyrics




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Sleeve Front

Vinyl 1A


Sleeve Back

Vinyl 1B

Liner Notes

recorded: bit
mixed: w. livesey-england, bit/mit-not england
the members of the band remain as before.
all songs: mgb © emi april music (canada) ltd./dunhurrow music/bridgeburner music (socan)

this product brought to you by ling ling brand™ marketing.
holly mcnarland appears courtesy of boredom and frustration.
we apologize for the medicore sound quality and presentation of this album as the majority of our funds
were allocated to other projects (know what i mean?).
thank you for your understanding.
dr strings\gibson\gretsch\sabian\dimarzio\hookers\lik-m-aid.

born to kill
music by dave genn
written by matthew good
1998 darktown records

enjoy the silence
written by martin lee gore
2001 universal music canada

written by matthew good
2001 universal music canada

recorded by zach blackstone
mastering engineer: george leger

bridgeburner music /
dunharrow music /
emi april music (canada) ltd.