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Lights Of Endangered Species (Vinyl)

Release Info

Released: May 31, 2011

Alternate Version



  • 1A

  • 1. Extraordinary Fades

  • 2:53
  • Lyrics
  • 1B

  • 4. What If I Can't See The Stars Mildred?

  • 5:10
  • Lyrics
  • 2A

  • 7. In A Place Of Lesser Men

  • 3:09
  • Lyrics
  • 2B

  • 9. Lights Of Endangered Species

  • 4:20
  • Lyrics




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Gatefold Left

Gatefold Right

Vinyl 1A

Vinyl 1B

Vinyl 2A

Vinyl 2B

Liner Notes

All Songs written by Matthew Good
© 2011 Matthew Good/Dunharrow Music Inc. (SOCAN)

Produced by Warne Livesey
Mixed and Engineered by Warne Livesey
Second Engineer: Joel Livesey
Session Assistants: Rob Sommerfeldt, Jennifer Zall, Paul Dutil
Mastered by Time Young At Metropolis, London, UK
Recorded and Mixed by Vogville Recording, Port Coquitlam, Canada
Strings, Bass and Woodwinds arranged by Matthew Good and Warne Livesey

Managed by Bernie Breen, Bernie Breen Management
Assisted by Jenn Pressey and Sarah Osgoode
A&R: Shawn Marino, Universal Music

Art Direction: Matthew Good and Susan Michalek
Design: Susan Michalek
Cover Artwork by Miriam Aroeste