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Beautiful Midnight
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Released: September 14, 1999

  • 08:00pm > I Miss New Wave

  • 5:04
  • Lyrics
  • 10:00pm > Failing The Rorschach Test

  • 4:45
  • Lyrics
  • 12:00am > Let's Get It On

  • 4:16
  • Lyrics
  • 01:00am > Jenni's Song

  • 4:00
  • Lyrics
  • 02:00am > Going All The Way

  • 4:17
  • Lyrics
  • 03:00am > A Boy And His Machine Machine

  • 5:02
  • Lyrics
  • 05:00am > Born To Kill

  • 5:42
  • Lyrics
  • Sunup > Running For Home

  • 4:38
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Under Tray [Alternate]

Under Tray [Alternate]

Under Tray [Alternate]

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Liner Notes

Produced and mixed by Warne Livesey

Engineered by Warne Livesey and Zach Blackstone
Recorded at The House of Brucifer [Vancouver] feb-april 1999
Mixed at BJG Studios [London], Second Engineer > Alex Clark
Strings performed by The London Session Orchestra [Leader> Gavyn Wright]
Recorded at Angel Studios [London] enginner > Steve Price
Strings arranged by Warne Livesey
Piano on 'Running For Home' recorded at Mushroom Studio [Vancouver]
assisted by Pete Wonsiak
Mastered at Metropolis Mastering [London] by Tim Young
Phone Sex provided by Natasha Duprey
Todd Kerns performs backing vocals on 'Hello Time Bomb' and 'Born To Kill' courtesy of the Universal Music Inter-Office Exchange Program
Cheerleading on 'Giant' by The Centennial High School Cheerleading Squad [who are> Kristy Holmes> Kimberly Barber> Melanie Barber> Sara Correia> Caroline Croteau> Kristin Sims> Karin Anstey> Tracey McDonald> Megan Leigh> Marjolyn Ustaris]

Words by M. Good. Music by Good/Genn except 'Load Me Up' Good/Genn/Browne/Priske
© 1999 EMI April Music (Canada) LTD./Dunharrow Music/Bridgeburner Music (Socan)
20% deductible baby-sitting provided by Ray Daniels and Steve Hoffman at SRO

Legal> Simkin & Co.
Accounting> Davidson & Co.
Live Sound> Ken Turta
Assistant to Mr. Good> Christi Thompson
Instrumental Tech> Chimo Robichaud
A&R> Horshack
Inside Photography Jay Blakesberg
Design concept Vincent Libby
Album Design Garnet Armstrong/ Kiley Redhead

MGB is Rich Priske/Ian Browne/Dave Genn/Matt Good
used> DR Strings/fender/ayotte/sabian
24 Hour Complaint And Technical Support> www.matthewgoodband.com

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