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Beautiful Midnight (American Release)

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Released: January 30, 2001

- Hello Time Bomb
- Strange Days


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Liner Notes

Produced by Warne Livesey

Mixed by Warne Livesey at BJG Studios [London], Second Engineer > Alex Clark, except 'Hello Time Bomb,' 'Strange Days,' 'Load Me Up,' Deep Six,' and 'Everything Is Automatic' mixed by Chris Lord-Alge at Image Recording Studios [Hollywood]/assisted by Stephen Kaplan
Engineered by Warne Livesey and Zach Blackstone except 'Deep Six,' 'Everything Is Automatic,' and 'Apparitions' Engineered by Warne Livesey/Assisted by Dean Maher
Recorded at Greenhouse Studios [Vancouver]
Strings performed by The London Session Orchestra [Leader> Gavyn Wright]
Recorded at Angel Studios [London] engineer > Steve Price
Strings arranged by Warne Livesey
Piano on 'Running For Home' recorded at Mushroom Studio [Vancouver]
assisted by Pete Wonsiak
Mastered at Metropolis Mastering [London] by Tim Young and at the Mastering Lab (Los Angeles) by Gavin Furissen
Bass Guitar on 'Deep Six,' 'Everything Is Automatic,' and 'Apparitions' performed by Geoff Lloyd
Phone Sex provided by Natasha Duprey
Todd Kerns performs backing vocals on 'Hello Time Bomb' and 'Born To Kill' courtesy of the Universal Music Inter-Office Exchange Program
Cheerleading on 'Giant' by The Centennial High School Cheerleading Squad

Words by M. Good. Music by Good/Genn except 'Load Me Up' Good/Genn/Browne/Priske
© 1999/1997 EMI April Music (Canada) LTD./Dunharrow Music/Bridgeburner Music (Socan)
Baby-sitting provided by Ray Daniels and Steve Hoffman at SRO Management Inc.

Legal> Simkin & Co.
Accounting> Davidson & Co.
Live Crew> Ken Turta (Live Sound), Danny Gavin, Darryl Fleming, Paul McManus, Darrel Coombs
Assistant to Mr. Good> Christi Thompson
Instrumental Techs> Chimo Robichaud and Dooer Fleming
A&R> Tom Storms/Nick Casinelli/Larry Zarr
A&R Coordinator> Cindy Hartman
Canadian A&R> Dave Porter

Inside Photography Jay Blakesberg and Sean Murphy
Design concept Vincent Libby
Album Design Garnet Armstrong/ Kiley Redhead
MGB is Rich Priske/Ian Browne/Dave Genn/Matt Good
MGB uses DR Strings
Dave and Rich use Gibson Guitars and Basses
Ian uses Gretsh Drums, Sabian Cymbols and Vater Sticks
24 Hour Complaint And Technical Support>www.matthewgoodband.com



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