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Live At Massey Hall

Release Info

Released: November 4, 2008

Recorded live at Massey Hall in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on May 29th 2008


  • Side One

  • 1. Champions Of Nothing

  • 9:20
  • 2. A Single Explosion

  • 3:31
  • 3. Odette

  • 4:47
  • 4. Weapon

  • 6:41
  • 5. The Devil's In Your Details

  • 3:54
  • 6. Hello Time Bomb

  • 5:32
  • 7. Born Losers

  • 5:13
  • 8. Load Me Up *

  • 4:12
  • 9. Put Out Your Lights

  • 2:21
  • 10. Blue Skies Over Bad Lands

  • 8:53
  • 11. Black Helicopter

  • 7:02
  • 12. I'm A Window

  • 4:09
  • Side Two

  • 1. 99% Of Us Is Failure

  • 7:08
  • 2. Apparitions

  • 5:49
  • 3. Giant

  • 6:08
  • 4. Avalance

  • 10:07
  • 5. She's In It For The Money

  • 5:16
  • 6. Everything Is Automatic *

  • 5:05
  • 7. Strange Days

  • 4:10
  • 8. True Love Will Find You In The End

  • 3:13


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Liner Notes

All Songs Written by Matthew Good
Dunharrow Music Inc./EMI April Music Canada Inc. (SOCAN)

Except The Devil's In Your Details by Matthew Good/Ryan Dahle (Dunharrow Music Inc./EMI April Music Canada Inc./Kasink Kasongs SOCAN). Load Me Up by Matthew Good/Ian Browne/Dave Genn/Rich Priske (Dunharrow Music Inc./EMI April Music Canada Inc./Bridgeburner Music (SOCAN). Hello Time Bomb, Apparitions, Giant, Everything Is Automatic and Strange Days by Matthew Good/Dave Genn (Dunharrow Music Inc./EMI April Music Canada Inc./Bridgeburner Music (SOCAN). True Love Will Find You In The End by Daniel Johnston (Eternal Yip Eye Music, BMI)

Matthew Good: Guitar, Vocals
Stuary Cameron: Lead Guitar, Lap Steel, Backing Vocals
Blake Manning: Drums, Backing Vocals
Peter Nunn: Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Milos Angelov: Bass Guitar

Mark "Lance" Stadnyk: Guitar Technician
Tim Murray: Sound Technician, Tour Management
Paul McManus: Sound Technician, Tour Management
Pete Siller: Lighting Director
Josh Fulford: Back Line Technician
Dave Gardner: Monitor Technician
Greg Campbell: Merchandising
Rae Lewis: Merchandising

Dean Jarvis: Music Director

Recorded Live at Massey Hall by Jamie Howieson
Mixed by Denis Tougas at Phase One Recording Studios
Mastering by Joao Carvalho at Joao Carvalho Mastering
Mixing Assistant: Jeff Pelletier

Management: Bernie Breen Management / mail@berniebreen.com
Project Manager: Mike Hannan
Tour Coordinator: Jenn Pressey

Art Direction: Matthew Good Art Design: Simon Paul and Garnet Armstrong
Cover Photo by Phil Ogynist
Interior Photos by Dale Mugford and Michael Schipper

Thanks: Bernie Breen, Jeff Craib and all at Feldman, Lance Stadnyk, Tim Murray, Pete Siller, Dave Gardner, Josh Fulford, Lane Dunlop, Ryan Dixon, Dave Schwartz and all at iTunes, Shawn Marino, Susan Brearton, Ivar Hamilton and all at Universal, Stu, Blake, Peter, Milos, Dean Jarvis, Jenn Pressey, Mike Hannan, Sarah Osgoode, Dale Mugford, Phil Brennen, Jamie Howieson, Jason Grant and all at Live Nation, DR Strings, Dunlop Picks, VOX Amplifiers, Gibson Guitars, Diamond Pedals, Metalworks, Everyone at Front Side Group and Massey Hall Management and Staff.

Some dialogue has been edited for timing purposes. This recording remains unedited and intact with the exception of * which contains additional vocals recorded live on May 28, 2008 at Showplace Performance Center in Peterborough, ON.