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Released: 1991


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Liner Notes

All Music written by Simon Woodcock
All Lyrics written by Matthew Good, except 'William Sits In Avalon'
written by Matthew Good and Simon Woodcock

Produced by Greg Wasmuth And The Rodchester Kings

Engineered and mixed by Greg Wasmuth at Fragrant Time Studios,
December 1991.
All words and music protected,          ©1991.

THANKS TO: Colin Bates (for all those songs from Dunharrow), Mr. and
Mrs. Good (for putting up with us), Mark from Halifax (sorry we can't
remember your last name), Sean Greenwood (for use of his excellent
toys), Chris Lutty, Stewart Simons, and the rest of those clowns, Grand
Pappy Arlen M. Cook (for all those sharp blows to the head, staying in
time-staying in time), Tony Prophet (for putting up with Simon for all
those years), Peter, Greg Wasmuth (for his patience and recording
trickery), Brent Christensen (for everything under the sun), All the girls
we've loved before (so what if we can count all of them on our hands), Ray
McNally (just 'cause), George Bush (for our kinder, gentler neighbour...),
Rhea Vandeven (for inspiration), The World (for even more inspiration),
Louis (for his crystal clear Photo Magic), George Jenkins ( scissor and glue
man), and Temple Kilfoyle (for my greener days and endless nights,
Thanks River)



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