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Released: October 6, 2009

  • 1A

  • 2. The Boy Who Could Explode

  • 7:07
  • Lyrics
  • 3. Great Whales Of The Sea

  • 3:31
  • Lyrics
  • 1B

  • 4. Us Remains Impossible

  • 4:46
  • Lyrics
  • 5. On Nights Like Tonight

  • 4:23
  • Lyrics
  • 2A

  • 7. Silent Army In The Trees

  • 5:37
  • Lyrics
  • 8. Fought To Fight It

  • 4:23
  • Lyrics
  • 9. The Vancouver National Anthem

  • 6:54
  • Lyrics
  • 2B

  • 10. Empty's Theme Park

  • 9:29
  • Lyrics


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Gatefold Left

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Vinyl 1A

Vinyl 1B

Vinyl 2A

Vinyl 2B

Liner Notes

All Songs written by Matthew Good
2009 Matthew Good (SOCAN)

Produced by Matthew Good
Engineered and Mixed by Zach Blackstone
Recorded and Mixed at Warehouse Studios, Vancouver, Canada
Assisted by Mike Cashin and Josh Bowin
Instrument Technician Lance Stadnyk and Brian Gibney
Mastered by Joao Carvalho, Joao Carvalho Mastering

Blake Manning: Drums and Percussion
Stuart Cameron: Lead Guitar
Matthew Good: Vocals, Rhythm and Lead Guitar, Bass, Piano, Keyboards
Pete Yorn performs additional vocals on "The Vancouver National Anthem"

Strings written by Matthew Good
Arranged and conducted by Bob Buckley
Recorded by Roger Monk
Strings performed by Bob Buckley, Ruth Schipizky, Andrew Brown, Larisa Lebeda,
Zoltan Rozsnyai, Neil Miskey, Ariel Barnes, Mary Brown

Managed by Bernie Breen, Bernie Breen Management
Assisted by Sarah Osgoode and Jenn Pressey

Art Direction: Matthew Good and Susan Michalek
Photography: Matthew Good and Dale Mugford
Design & Illustration: Susan Michalek

Thanks: Zach Blackstone, Stu Cameron, Blake Manning, Bernie Breen, Rod Bruno,
Pete Yorn, Lance Stadnyk, Jenn Pressey, Sarah Osgoode, Bob Buckley, Roger Monk,
Shawn Marino and all at Universal, Dave Schwartz - Ryan Dixon - Lance Dunlop and
all at Apple, Liane Hyatt - Bill Davidson and all at Davidson and Company, Milos
Angelov, Dale Mugford, Duane Storey, Pete Siller, Tim Murray, Paul McManus, Dan
Lilly, Jane Smith, Jeremy Crowle, Raeleigh van Breugel, Avery Grace, Robert and
Eileen Good, Chris - Chloe - Sequoyah and Lilah Good, Warne and Barb Livesey,
Warehouse Studios, Taylor Guitars, VOX Amos, Diamond Guitar Pedals.

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