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The Rodchester Kings: ...And In Closing,   The Rodchester Kings: Sleep

The Rodchester Kings: ...And In Closing,

1. William Sits In Avalon
2. The Jangolier
3. Before You Go
4. Full Moon In Pisces
5. Message To God

The Rodchester Kings: Sleep

1. Sleep

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The Jangolier

Here is not
Where I want to be
The night sky
No longer sets me free
And this road
Seems to go on forever
The future bleak
As tomorrow is never
I will tell all my tales again
I will wish that all this will end
Don't start if you haven't
'Cause you cannot win
Truth is
It just gets darker from here on in
Sing me a song
But sing it to me straight this time
I have no use
For deception within your rhyme
Sing me a song
About what life should be
Maybe I'll remember
What it once meant to me

The darkened hand
Rose over the same old strings
The broken voice
Voice goes over the same things
She once loved him
But now she has gone away
She promised him
That she would come back someday
Just lie if you know the truth will hurt
Or just try
And with all your love assert
Maybe this time
Unlike the times before
You can hold on
To something that you adore
The jangolier wanders
The day alone
A captive to his fear
A walking ghost
As cold as stone
Like clockwork he does
All that he knows how
And when he left this place
He left with a crooked bow
Here is not
Where I ought to be
All this time
Looking for someone
To comfort me
I find it funny
That you can walk the world
Without a care
And after all that time
You haven't gone anywhere