Disorientation // Lyrics // Beautiful Midnight

Beautiful Midnight

Beautiful Midnight

1. Giant
2. Hello Time Bomb
3. Strange Days
4. I Miss New Wave
5. Load Me Up
6. Failing The Rorschach Test
7. Suburbia
8. Let's Get It On
9. Jenni's Song
10. Going All The Way
11. A Boy and His Machine Gun
12. The Future Is X-Rated
13. Born To Kill
14. Running For Home

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Let's Get It On

Hey there bad seeds
let's get it on
I'll shut up and keep my end
let's get it on
our sycophanatic replacements are here at last

so impossible
the doubt in the everything, on everything
is so impossible

so load up and keep marching
the push is on

so impossible
the doubt in everything, on everything
is so impossible
down came your blackbird to suffer in my arms