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How It Goes

Of all the fake they say it takes to make it well i don't know man
no matter how high you roll you'll always know you're just the store brand
pushing against the waves, keelhaul years of the same program
some of the faces change but not the game and not the tune
because you know how it goes

Baby these feet were made for walking away so why don't you use them
living in ditches is all well and good when you get to choose them
guess i could say it's strange but most of me knows who i ain't fooling
so the excuses change but not the game and not the tune
because you know how it goes

darling don't you worry
it's not hard to find
going nowhere
going nowhere

well down on the corner they still talk about you but say they don't care
baby you know i bruise but being polite never got me nowhere

so it's to you move like stealing light and breathing fresh air
some of my faces change by not my name and not my tune
because you know how it goes
yeah you know how it goes

(all right)

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