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Prime Time Deliverance

The red red lips
Of some secret solution
The Central Intelligence Agency
Has a file that's a mile longer than peace
She's naked on the phone
Watching them back
No eyes just their stupid grins
They long to be liberal mannequins

And in their tiny room
They eat Chinese food
And they don't call their wives
Cause the girl in the window is
Pressing her breasts
Up against the window pane
The guy they're after
On the floor below her
Is cutting cocaine
Higher than the building

A one way trip
Who ever thought she'd miss
The ins and outs of oxygen
The darkest side of the biggest goddamn ride
You've ever been on

Her mother loves that show
Even though she never gets the answers right
It's easier to play along
Sometimes more than being wrong

They found her in her room
Wearing a pink bunny suit
In sour cherry lipstick
Hanging from the closet door
Her eyes were wide maybe to despise
Maybe just to look into your head light
Morning glow
Head light
Morning glow

And this is it, well this is it
Prime time deliverance
Prime time deliverance
And this is it, this is it
Prime time deliverance
Prime time

That you have and you hold
And you have and you hold
And you have and you hold
And you have and you hold
And you have and you hold
And you have and you hold

And she says the best thing you can do
Is hang around a while


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