Disorientation // Lyrics // Raygun EP

Raygun EP

Raygun EP

1. Raygun
2. Generation X-Wing
3. Haven't Slept In Year
4. Alabama Motel Room
5. So Long Mrs. Smith

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Alabama Motel Room

What is life if not a joke
one night she went out for smokes
and they took her apart like a ragdoll
in the back of a van
in an Alabama motel room
I have one of them tied up in the bathroom
I am down and out
but he will not get away with it again

When the night comes in
I hope I'm out of the rain
When the night comes in
she makes me whole again

I never sleep, I just watch TV
and the gun it lies next to me
in an Alabama motel room
I reflect on her sweet perfume
I am down and out
but they will not get away with it again

Say you love me
we will never get the chance again