Disorientation // Lyrics // Raygun EP

Raygun EP

Raygun EP

1. Raygun
2. Generation X-Wing
3. Haven't Slept In Year
4. Alabama Motel Room
5. So Long Mrs. Smith

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B-Sides/Non-Album/Demo Songs

Haven't Slept In Years

Make me your animal
make me your freak and i will pack them in
it's understandable
after all you're only human
all this time it's been killing me
all this time it's been caving in my head
killing me
alive, alive, alive
you're dead

Haven't slept in years
haven't talked to anybody else

Make me your cannibal
make me your product and i will make you rich
it's still fashionable, isn't it?
all this time it's been killing you
all this time it's been caving in your head
killing you
alive, alive, alive
you're dead