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Beautiful Midnight (Cassette)

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Released: September 14, 1999

- Hello Time Bomb
- Load Me Up
- Strange Days
- The Future Is X-Rated
- Hello Time Bomb
- Load Me Up
- Strange Days
- The Future Is X-Rated

Alternate Versions:

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German 3" Promo | American DJ Promo


Side A
05:00pm > Giant
06:00pm > Hello Time Bomb
07:00pm > Strange Days
08:00pm > I Miss New Wave
09:00pm > Load Me Up
10:00pm > Failing The Rorschach Test
11:00pm > Suburbia

Side B
12:00am > Let's Get It On
01:00am > Jenni's Song
02:00am > Going All The Way
03:00am > A Boy and His Machine Gun
04:00am > The Future Is X-Rated
05:00am > Born To Kill
sunup > Running For Home




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Liner Notes

produced and mixed by warne livesey / engineered by warne livesey and zach blackstone / recorded at the house of brucifer [vancouver] feb-april 1999 / mixed at bjg studios [london], second engineer > alex clark / strings performed by the london session orchestra [leader> gavyn wright] / recorded at angel studios [london] enginner > steve price / strings arranged by warne livesey / piano on 'running for home' recorded at mushroom studio [vancouver] / assisted by pete wonsiak / mastered at metropolis mastering [london] by tim young / phone sex provided by natasha duprey / todd kerns performs backing vocals on 'hello time bomb' and 'born to kill' courtesy of the universal music inter-office exchange program / cheerleading on 'giant' by the centennial high school cheerleading squad [who are> kristy holmes> kimberly barber> melanie barber> sara correia> caroline croteau> kristin sims> karin anstey> tracey mcdonald> megan leigh> marjolyn ustaris] / words by m. good. music by good/genn except 'load me up' good/genn/browne/priske / © 1999 emi april music (canada) ltd./dunharrow music/bridgeburner music (socan) / 20% deductible baby-sitting provided by ray daniels and steve hoffman at sro / legal> simkin & co. / accounting> davidson & co. / live sound> ken turta / assistant to mr. good> christi thompson / instrumental tech> chimo robichaud / a&r> horshack / inside photography jay blakesberg / design concept vincent libby / album design garnet armstrong/ kiley redhead / mgb is rich priske/ian browne/dave genn/matt good / used> dr strings/fender/ayotte/sabian / 24 hour complaint and technical support> www.matthewgoodband.com