Disorientation // The Trouble Bunch // Loser Anthems: B-Sides And Rarities

- This EP is/was only available in Canada or online
- There are only 35 000 copies available
- Promo copy of this EP. Only 500 copies in print. Promo copies have the same cover art, just a blue colouring to it.

- The Japanese words on the cover translates to "are you high now, crazy kids?"
- Out of all the songs none of their titles appear in the lyrics, the closest is The Fine Art Of Falling Apart which was originally thought to be titled Over Me, which is said in the lyrics "...everything just got over me..."
- Even before the release of Loser Anthems, HMV.com had a shortage of the CD's. They had sold out of stock twice.
- The original cover resembled a Pink Floyd Album titled Animals.

- Loser Anthems has had a cover change due to copyright infringement (the panda, like the pig on the Pink Floyd Album below). Not a big one but it is a change. Notice the Panda in the original cover? and the buildings are further away in the original one and the white top was also bigger in the original.
- On the CD just outside the clear ring, after the Title there is 1ULOSER1 on it. What is it for? Is it Matt's way of calling us losers?

Flashdance II
- This version is 4:44 and the internet release (the Flashdance II part) is 4:50
- this is one of the cut tracks from Beautiful Midnight
- the intro to this version is shorter than the internet release and a bit different
- this song was once the internet release from MGB.com
The Man From Harold Wood
- On the internet release of Flashdance II, this track is a part of it.
- This track is dedicated to Matt's Father, from Harold Wood, England
- Still features the Arsenal chant and only piano
- HMV.com misspelled this track title, they had "The Man From Harlold Wood"
My Life As A Circus Clown
- Another cut track from Beautiful Midnight
Flight Recorder From Viking 7
- At the beginning you can here Matt breathing heavily
- Features Holly McNarland
- Holly also was in MGB's first music video
- You can actually here the low-toned echo of Matt's voice in some parts
Life Beyond The Minimum Safe Distance
- A power drill(?) can be heard in the background at certain points of this song
- Thunder is heard in the background when Matt is repeating "Miles Away"
- Matt and somebody are talking at the end of this track.
The Fine Art Of Falling Apart
- Matt vowed to record this track in one take no matter how bad or good it sounded, and he did just that
- Recorded in one take and features only Matt and his acoustic guitar.
- At the beginning, before the music starts, somebody says "Rolling", then the song starts
- Originally known as Over Me, when it was performed live at concerts between Dec 1999 - Jan 2000 in Vancouver.

Loser Anthems: B-Sides And Rarities

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