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- Lo-Fi B-Sides was released as a bonus CD with the purchase of this album through HMV

- There is an acoustic version of this song (not on the CD).
Everything Is Automatic
- one of the lines in the song, "and you wake up and those birds are singing, those birds are singing", is possibly a reference to the book "Slaughterhouse 5" by Kurt Vonnegut.
Middle Class Gangsters
- At about 3:01 into the song, Matt clears his throat really quickly
- There are three different versions of this song. Album, Video, and Radio, the capitalized words are the changed parts
Album - "...If your friends don't like it you can tell them for me to FUCK off..."
Video - "...If your friends don't like it you can tell them for me to SHOVE off..." (mouths read fuck off, song says shove off)
Radio - "...If your friends don't like it you can tell them for me that it's all off, TAKE off..."
Inescapable Us
- At about 0:08 Matt says "alright."
- At about 1:19/1:20, as the songs slows down/speeds up, you can hear Ian says 1-2-3, bang his drum sticks together, and then the drums start up again and bass line comes in.
Invasion 1
- 'Bobby' is a reference to Bobby Fisher, prodigal child chess genius who more or less 'dropped off the face of the earth' after becoming famous.
Matt has been quoted as wanting to do that if the band ever becomes super popular, as he doesn't think he could deal with the pressures of ultra-fame.
Look Happy, It's The End Of The World
- In the beginning, Ian says "1-2-1-2-3" then the music starts
- "Whiz bang" is quite often miscredited as something that is extra to the song, but it is actually in the lyrics.
Change Of Season
- At about 0:52 Matt says "let's go"

- The workers' computer screen reads something like this :
Dear Bob,
We regret to inform you that due to the un-fortunate outcome of the 'PolyCorp' account
Your position as Chief Of Securities has been terminated
Alan Reid
Abbotts & Mathers Investment Corporation

- The building is the TD Bank Tower in Downtown Vancouver.
- The credit card given to the lady in the video, is owned by the band's record company at the time of their Underdogs release - A&M records.
- The initial Chinese characters at the beginning of the video read "Indestructible"
- The tombstone reads "Welcome To The Monkey House", which is a short story by Matt's favourite author - Kurt Vonnegut.
- The music in the car that Matt's driving at the beginning of the video is the song "Apparitions".
- The club that the video is filmed at is called The Drink, and it's located in an area of Downtown Vancouver called Gastown.
- The valet in the video is Lenny Hodgins, who was the webmaster for matthewgoodband.com
- The mouths read [fuck off], but the music in the video says [shove off]
- This video is a continuation of the "Apparitions" video. The call girl is in the club, and very depressed.
- In 1:09 to 1:10 a hand (possibly the camera man's) appears in front of the screen as if it is moving the camera. This happens again at 2:25.
Everything Is Automatic
- The "United Colors of Money" billboards are a spoof on the "United Colors Of Benetton". An Italian company that uses convicts in their advertising
- The Skin Deep ads are a spoof of Calvin Klein
- Jupiter is a spoof of Saturn.
- This is Hasting's Street, in Vancouver, BC.
- "disaster" is misspelled as "distaster". (Maybe intentional for irony?)

- If you pay attention at the beginning, you'll see that Dave gives the camera the finger


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