Disorientation // The Trouble Bunch // Beautiful Midnight

- Under the CD tray there are 3 alternative messages:
"Missing [Your Picture Here]"
"[There Are Some] Things Better Said With The Lights Off"
"Hello Time Bomb"

- It's difficult to read (so I may have mistakes in here), but if you look at the cover of Beautiful Midnight in the right light/angel, this is what you will see:

and the monkey flips the switch>you gotta hate this place there's nothing to do at night just sharpen my 3 in 1 knife for those 2 victims and 200 potatoes for potato salad>poor is the man that relies on hearsay to bet on an imaginary horse>we're slashing prices everything must go>call it what it is you call it what you want to it's all semantics>I am just a man and a stupid one at that for this I watch you sleep for this I am invisible they say the world is round but our four corners keep if flat of those 2wo sides to every story one just generates more commercial dollars>so SHUT UP that big guy in the sky's talking through the schitzo's again and it's getting so it hurts so they're giving him up I heard and unto us everything>why's everything gotta go like this>and the monkey flips the switch

- The cheerleader intro goes like this: "K-I-C-K A-S-S that's the way we spell success"
- At about 6:07, either Matt or Dave starts playing Hello Time Bomb really quietly.
- Also at about 6:07 Somebody says something like 'next'. But I'm not sure what it is that is said
Hello Time Bomb
- On the American version of BM this track is a remix. Here are the differences: Ticking has been added in a lot of places as well as making it louder in places where it already exists, there is an echo on the drums, the chorus chanting is louder, someone yelling 'come on' has been added after 2nd chorus, the ticking is sometimes breaking to keep with the drums, Matt's hi pitched vocals have been significantly reduced.
- Around 2:24 in the song Matt begins to laugh
Strange Days
- On the American version of BM this track is a remix. Here are the differences: drums are louder and quieter and separate parts now, and there are just more symbol noises.
A Boy And His Machine Gun
- this song is about being in a mental institution and not, as the fanatics out there would like you to believe, about the Columbine incident, because the song was wrote before the incident
- American version is titled "A Boy And His ------- ---"
- At the end, of the music box in the background is playing a distorted "Happy Birthday To You."
The Future Is X-Rated
- Around 1:17, Matt says something to the effect of "fuck and your (?) (?) let me go." I haven't been able to figure this out. [If you know please email me]
- Ian's girlfriend, Natasha, did the phone sex for this track.
Born To Kill
- American version is titled "Born To ----"

Hello Time Bomb
- The band chose to do a spoof of AC/DC, by wearing school uniforms. Also, if you notice, the guys have MGB FC (Matthew Good Band Football Club) patches on their breast pockets.
- Rich (who recently joined the band), is wearing a button, that reads "Hi, I'm New"
- The girl's license plate reads "SANTA"
- The club scenes in this video were filmed at 'The Rage'. A club in Vancouver.
- The American version has edited the video, they removed the 'Radio Shack' scene and another one other scene :(
Load Me Up
- The students in this video are from Dave's old school, St. George's as well as private school Little Flower Academy. They are also wearing uniforms with the MGB FC patch.
- It took two straight days of filming in a giant pool, for the band to finish the grueling water scenes.
- The concept behind the video was to reflect Matt's recent experience with a stalker. In the video, the girl (with the knife at the end) plays the stalker.
- The soccer field in this video is from Dave's high school, St George's Private School for Boys.
- Near the end of the video, you can very clearly see a girl scream 'fuck you!' during the soccer field scene.
Strange Days
- Matt, if you notice, is the angel of death in this video, and just as the lady opens her car, he opens it at the same time as she does.
- There is a second long clip of Matt (the angel of death's) reflection in the car mirror.
- Ian's paper reads " LUNAR LANDING FRAUD REVEALED! "
- The building Rich walks out of is called "GenCorp", is it a reference to Dave?. In real life, this building is the Chateau Granville Hotel in Vancouver.
- The homeless youth in this video actually was homeless. Matt saw her and asked her if she wanted to be in the video.
The Future is X-Rated
- The note reads something like: DAVE, Gone to Hawaii to shoot video. Love Matt!
- This phone number is ACTUALLY a working number to a voice mail that Matt set up. The number is 1-888-999-8934. (this number may not work in the future)
- The sign on the left reads "New Westminster Recycles". New Westminster is about 15 minutes outside of the city of Vancouver.
- The sign above Matt reads "Wakiki Tour Center"
- The Lose Weight ad that Ian puts up also features Matt's voicemail number.
- The "commercial" goes like this
"Hi. I'm Matt Good. Each and every day, all over North America, men and women suffer needlessly. You can help. For as little as 16 cents a day, you can help someone less fortunate then yourself, look better. I know, that and itself may seem like a reward enough, but that's not all. Act now and you'll receive a beautifully framed photo keepsake of your sponsoree, as well as correspondence detailing your progress, and almost fanatical willingness to change. There's work to be done, it's time we did it. Please call the number on the bottom of your screen to help, and help us fight for a better looking, less intelligible future. For everyone at the Matthew Good Band, I'm Matt Good."

Beautiful Midnight

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