Disorientation // The Trouble Bunch // White Light Rock & Roll Review

- Cover artwork is by: Liza Visagie (www.lizavisagie.com)
- First album to be released in the digipack packaging (limited edition) rather than the standard jewel case (which it also is available in)
- Lyrics are only available online

- A hidden track, first one since Omissions Of The Omen on Last Of The Ghetto Astronauts
- In the liner notes for song credits it is listed as 00
- Not on the tracklisting itself.
- Label felt the song was a bit too country for the album, which is why it is a hidden track

Alert Status Red
- The drummer in this video is Lana Ryma from The No No Spots
- In the video there are clips from the Columbine video cameras.

White Light Rock & Roll Review

Trouble Bunch (aka Trivia)

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