Disorientation // The Trouble Bunch // The Audio Of Being

- 3 Alternate Covers

- When you line the three versions up, there is a message on the side of the albums, and that message is "Kept In The Dark"

Song/Album References From Official Website
Before the release of AoB on MGB.com there was a section entitled "trustus.matthewgoodband.com : A daily distraction"
The following came from it as a new daily distraction was added.
Along with the title fallowing it is the song and a line from the song, or whatever else the reference is from...
 - MGB's new theme, like they used to be "The Trouble Bunch"
 - The Rat Who Would Be King - "Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while..."
 - Advertising On Police Cars - "...a bitter pill, is it better still to lay undone, your guts for show?"
 - Carmelina - "...my filthy mouth, well it makes my mom proud..." or "...my filthy mouth, well it hides my clean selves..."
 - Man Of Action - "...got me a whore head, got me a day star..."
 - Three versions of AoB, when the spines are lined up "Kept In The Dark" is the message on them
 - Anti-Pop - "...you're not my girl, you're just tired..."
 - Sort Of A Protest Song - "...baby, no pain, no gain.."
 - Fall Of Man - "You pray for the sheep..."
 - Anti-Pop - "...All born to stay up late..."
 - Sort Of A Protest Song - "...baby, no pain, no gain.."
 - Tripoli - "Best to smile, best to squeal for daddy..."

Man Of Action
- At the beginning of this track a female voice says "You are now listening to the Audio Of Being"
- The kids singing "Where has my head gone" at the end of this song aren't credited in the liner notes
Advertising On Police Cars
- Mr. Chips is from the manifesto titled "Porno Safari"
Truffle Pigs
- The last line "Jenn I'll bring them to their knees" is not in the lyrics.

- when Matt sits on the park bench with the little girl to have lunch, he pulls out his sub/sandwich which appears to already have a bite taken out of it. In the next shot the bite hasn't been taken out of the sandwich
- There are some sayings on the wall in a bunch of scenes, and the sayings are:
"Dr. Friendly Says: Loose Lips Sink Ships"
"Goals Are Just Dreams With Deadlines"
"Everything Is Going To Be A-OK!"
"Remember, without us you'll be less interesting"
 - The pig mask, and other masks that Ian, Rich, and Dave wear are a reference to Animal Farm, a novel by George Orwell.
 - Dave and Ian are arguing over whether or not Destiny's Child song "Bootylicious" has "you're not ready for this jelly" in its lyrics.
 - In the scene with Dave, Ian, and Rich playing cards and Dave and Ian arguing over the Bootylicious song, just before Rich tells his termite joke, he leans back and takes a peak at Ian's cards.

- Dale Earnhardt Jr. is in this video.
- Before the video, Matt comes on to say, "The Matthew Good video you are about to watch does not contain the following" The items are as follows, matched with the corresponding video references that immediately comes to mind:
Office buildings - Apparitions, Strange Days
Elevators - Apparitions, Strange Days
Elevators in office buildings - Apparitions, Strange Days
Obscure literary references - Carmelina
Clipboards held by secretaries or couriers - Carmelina, Strange Days
Secretaries - Carmelina
Couriers - Strange Days
Janitors - Apparitions
Gas station attendants - Hello Time Bomb
Suits - Apparitions, Strange Days, etc.
Ties - Hello Time Bomb, Apparitions, etc.
Women in cages - Hello Time Bomb
Women in showers - The Future Is X-Rated
Women mouthing words to a song they don't know - Rico

The Audio Of Being

Trouble Bunch (aka Trivia)

Misc. Other Trivia