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Disorientation // The Trouble Bunch (aka Trivia)

"The Trouble Bunch" is basically a trivia section of random Matthew Good and Matthew Good Band facts/tidbits over the years.

This section gets it's name from Matthew Good Band themselves. On the official Matthew Good Band site there was a theme of refering to the band as "The Trouble Bunch", and I thought it was a fitting name to go along with this section's general idea.

If you think you have a "Trouble Bunch" that is not listed somewhere in this section, please send it in. Thanks
Matthew Good Solo Era

I Miss New Wave: Beautiful Midnight Revisited EP

Chaotic Neutral

Arrows Of Desire

Lights Of Endangered Species


Hospital Music

White Light Rock & Roll Review

Matthew Good Band Solo Era

Audio Of Being

Loser Anthems: B-Sides And Rarities

Beautiful Midnight

Lo-Fi B-Sides


Raygun EP

Last Of The Ghetto Astronauts
Misc Other Info
Misc. Other Stuff - Career Spanning

The site name (Disorientation) comes from the August 1998 manifesto, or in the book, the first side bar manifesto. It was the first one I read online

Some sections may have errors, due to the fact that some of this info is rather old, and for verification mostly lost due to time, so if you notice any mistakes please contact me @ chad @ and I should have them fixed ASAP, depending on how busy I am. Thanks :)