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Corporate America

Corporate America has buggered me
Corporate America has buggered me
I have no money, no job, no wife, no kids
my siatica is through the ceiling
so is my medical bill
Corporate America has buggered me
I have been sodomized by the corporate machine of America
slapped down by the corporate machine called America

i've been dressed up in a little girls leotard
made to dance like a slut for Corporate America
sweet daddy has been buggered by the Corporate Americas
let capitalizism reign as long as it's deep in my anal passage
i have been buggered by Corporate America

oh daddy's gonna dance now
there goes daddy
oh yeah you you sweet corporate boogie you
oh yeah we're gonna hit it down one time now
mmm yeah thats alright
I have had a large corporate enima
fellating the long money tube of Corporate America
noone with the decancy to even give me a reach around


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