Disorientation // Lyrics // B-Sides, Demos, & Non-Album Songs

B-Sides, Demos, & Non-Album Songs

- All Together
- Pony Boy

- 4 Minute Mile
- Comfortable Criminals
- Near Fantastica (Acoustic)

- Annabelle
- Can't Get Shot In The Back If You Don't Run
- Dusk

- Seriously Serious
- Free Download/Downloading Blues
- Agoraphobe

- Bad Pennies
- Keira-Anne
- Life In Spite Of Itself
- The Lone Gunman

- Dawn
- For And Against
- Hornets

- Night Orders
- Refusing To Leave Space Camp
- We Have Done This Before, We Will Do It Again

1. Daddy's Got A Brand New Van
2. Corporate America
3. Bespin, the Betrayal
4. No. 9
5. Slow & Low
6. Subjugate Me
7. Reprise

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B-Sides/Non-Album/Demo Songs

Bad Pennies

She's just a girl
Gets what she wants
She's bad in bed
But it doesn't matter
She's really hot
Everyone stares
And it makes her head
The size of an elephant's
One in the room
There's one on the stairs
They're all over the covers of the rags on the chairs
There's one on out on loan
One's in for repairs
There's one in the bedroom
But that one's bad pennies

It'll fuck you up
If it hasn't done it already

She's just a girl
A girl in the world
Victim for victims
That can't see the latter
She's really hot
She knows it spends
And you know her heads the size of an elephant
One's in the room
One's just a spare
There's one in the basement in a box without no hair
There's one that's for practice
And one that's prepared
There's one in the bedroom
But that one's bad pennies

They're gonna make you jump
However high they want to