Disorientation // Lyrics // B-Sides, Demos, & Non-Album Songs
Near Fantastica (Acoustic)

when do you call home
is it underneath the sky, that won't leave you alone
if only it was raining water, and not no educated bombs
cause of some other man's business, is some other man's wrongs

and what do you call a friend
how come the best of them ain't people, by definition dogs instead
lack luster lives of buying shit, that won't cry when you're dead
too far, too fast, too little, too late, too late they say ain't it

the pink pills are for your sanity
we are buried in the earth because we can't beat gravity
and you are still here and so made to figure
you are an important part of the computer

born of the sea, blink
the sea is dead
falls out of me these sockets in my head
everyone's a captain baby, ship of fools
drowning while they're telling you it's been all right

dream the dream of your attrition
the nameless name of your condition
it will be needing you a little while longer
you are an important part of the computer

after this mission it will let you go
help you to forget everything and everyone you know
in a world of captains baby, ship of fools
don't you know they're lying when they're telling you it's been all right?