Disorientation // Lyrics // Moving Walls

Moving Walls

Moving Walls

1. One Of Them Years
2. A Momentary Truth
3. Beauty
4. Sicily
5. Boobytrapped
6. Radicals
7. Dreading It
8. Your Rainy Sound
9. Fingernails
10. Lumière Noire
11. A Thousand Tons
12. The Heights
13. Selling You My Heart
14. Thorn Bird
15. Parts

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B-Sides/Non-Album/Demo Songs

Your Rainy Sound

Lights out
Wrapped in my arms
Ya I like your rainy sound
Ya I like the way you bounce back from everything

We were sitting
It was pouring
So we played a game
Of mousetrap and I lost and you said you felt the same
That I needn’t ever worry about winning or the ways
Of people that live to do it cause they just lose in other ways
And we listened to the thunder
And thought about a god
That never probably would play mousetrap
Unless there was mystery to cause
And a hate around it

Death is
A blanket
Sometimes you fold it
Ya I like your rainy sound
Ya I like the way bound back from everything