Disorientation // Lyrics // Moving Walls

Moving Walls

Moving Walls

1. One Of Them Years
2. A Momentary Truth
3. Beauty
4. Sicily
5. Boobytrapped
6. Radicals
7. Dreading It
8. Your Rainy Sound
9. Fingernails
10. Lumière Noire
11. A Thousand Tons
12. The Heights
13. Selling You My Heart
14. Thorn Bird
15. Parts

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Maybe we’re okay
Maybe we’re not the problem
The sun came out today
But I just gazed at the outline of the moon
Go on Sicily
Go and get your ragtime
We can dance in the street way past midnight
And we can kiss like we mean it
And we can mean it all the time
It’s something you get over

Oh Sicily
I feel so obvious
Maybe I’m just bad at things
Maybe I’m just better off camera
Cause I feel everything
And you know maybe it’s time I oughta

Well it was always a long shot
That we would make it all this way
It may be cold outside baby
But you know it ain’t every day
It’s something you get over