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One Of Them Years

Well sit atop a mountain
Listen with a soup can
In the south he’s not a liar
Just the leader of a bad band
That in Europe get together and in secret praise the people
My grandad fought in the lowlands
At the Scheldt got shot to pieces
So they could rehash their allegiance to a national convenience
That preys on easy difference
You know fear it’s just a weakness
And ya, it’s been one of them years

The poor they’re there to pity
But only from a distance
Pull on your tender heart strings
The price of an every day existence
Emma Lazarus was wrong
Fuck your teeming huddled parasitics
Somehow kids from Nicaragua well they’re invading West Virginia
Maybe they’re looking for Ollie North
Maybe what you got you get it in you
I seem to remember things that mattered
That no longer count as anything
And ya, it’s been one of them years

Oh the sea ain’t really rising baby
You’re just getting shorter
Never mind the science
Them vaccinations cause dysphoria
And them pictures of the planet
Are doctored so it looks like a place akin to heaven
But only from a distance
Nobody likes your headscarf but they wear masks in the resistance
Either way forget the answers since we’ve perfected pointing fingers
And ya, it’s been one of them years

You can only fool the people
The other half the time we’re sleeping
So that’s pretty much the bag
And bag men never want for reasons
So drinks are on the house cause the house always wins
And Baby you know that I’ve wasted a lot of time
A lot of time just thinking
When thinking’s overrated compared to reactionary blinking
So I’m just sitting here reflecting on the things I could’ve done
And ya, it’s been one of them years

Sit atop a mountain
Listen with a soup can
For a distant whistle
Buy a dog so he can
And ya, it’s been one of them years


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