__Disorientation // Lyrics // Moving Walls;;


It’s the same
Things come apart
Like dead towns
Once boomed with industry
But remain
Porch lights on
Rusted out cars
Remember your younger years
In the summer
Before it was all gone
Bonfires at the quarry
Drinking under the stars
Oh and she kissed you there
And told you a truth
That even though the greatest of lies you will take to your grave
As if the cornerstone of everything in you
Parts and beliefs
Oh we’re gonna be rich someday baby one way or another
You’ll see

The cross we are
The dust where we begin
The atoms of your heart
The grated earth

The canyons and the cords
The rusted seraphim
The pronoun of the Lord
The grated earth

It’s the same noise in the dark
We’re chained just like Francis said in Hey!
But that don’t mean we’re anything
But parts


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