Disorientation // Lyrics // Arrows Of Desire
Arrows Of Desire

On a ruined wind to see our promise right in front of you
Silver barbs to crash the heart
Those gates so irremovable
Oh we can beg, we will bend again
Oh we can beg that we will bend again

Up in thin air, we lie in wait

Held to loose
Wait for the word to come and then to hell with you
Over the fire a time to bear what those below await

Here's my golden spear
Here's my cold despair

Up in this air, we lie in wait

1. Arrows Of Desire
2. Via Dolorosa
3. Had It Coming
4. We're Long Gone
5. So Close
6. Garden Of Knives
7. Mutineering
8. Hey Hell Heaven
9. Guns Of Carolina
10. Letters In Wartime

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