Disorientation // Lyrics // Arrows Of Desire
Had It Coming

Well you walk like I thought you'd walk
And you talk like I thought you'd talk
Broken glass, lips to ass, the stars up in the sky
I'm like that one about a priest who walks in bar, orders a drink
And then finds God all in savage company
Well smile
Cruelty free, well heavens me, I never thought I'd see the day
I've had it coming

Well you work a job, you hate your job
You go home and you wonder
"What am I going to do about my job?
It pays the bills, the bills add up"
So you go to bed and dream
You wake up hung over on a beach in the sunshine
And you walk into the sea like nothing's ever been
Yeah you wade into the sea until you can feel the planet humming
Yeah you sink into the sea and find out that you can breathe
Yeah you sink into the sea and find out at last
You've have it coming
We've had it coming

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