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Sharks Of Downtown

Sharks Of Downtown
Long lost song performed at MuchMusic. Quick clip featured in the MuchMoreMusicBio of MGB but never resurfaced online until now.

Quality is demo-like as it is just converted from a video converted from a VHS.

BonTempo (2001)

These songs were uploaded to the forums at RunningForHome.net in 2001 by Matthew Good and Rod Bruno (possibly other band members). They were pretending to be these foreign muscians who were huge MGB fans and wanted to share their music.
These are the songs:

New Music West

| Speech |

Toronto Book Reading

| 01. Step Right Up | 04. Magic Goats of Presto Island |

Ongoing History Of New Music

| In His Own Words Part 1 | In His Own Words Part 2 |

The Audio Of Being

| Album Interview |

The Future Is X-Rated Voice Mail Messages

| TFIXR 02.18 | TFIXR 02.22 | TFIXR 03.22A | TFIXR 03.22B |

Mountie Music Interview

| October 1997 |

Off The Record (Clips)

| Intro | Drugs | Golf Digest | Horsen Riding On Drugs |
| Kicking Ass | Setup |
(Unknown Year, saved from Whorrible.com)


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