Disorientation // Lyrics // Lights Of Endangered Species

Darling what have you done?
and where you come from
all your folks all silent and numb
all your friends all throwing up

darling strangers wiping there tears
and you got them wishing you near
oh breathless and shot so clear
oh darling can you see them from here?

darling can you see a light?
is it burned out shining bright?
oh kingdom just ruined sight?
and darling did you get it right?
darling did you get it right?

1. Extraordinary Fades
2. How It Goes
3. Shallow's Low
4. What If I Can't See The Stars Mildred?
5. Zero Orchestra
6. Non Populus
7. In A Place Of Lesser Men
8. Set Me On Fire
9. Lights Of Endangered Species
10. Darling (iTunes Bonus Track)

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