Disorientation // Lyrics // Chaotic Neutral

The same old place you go
where fear's so simple
get on done what you're told
gonna clip your wings

Well my head gone out of time
my heart like belladonna swims some plasma undermine
gone and clipped my wings

Say I'm the fool
I wreck everything
there's only one side of true
gone and clipped my wings

Well Roddy said Jack you angry?
I said I done what I done to play alive
I always done beat me down gladly
I gone and clipped my wings

Well I can't see you smile
but this is just seconds in your whole life
you know it's been a while
but I'm here
I'm right here

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3. Kid Down The Well
4. No Liars
5. Harridan
6. Tiger By The Tail
7. Girls In Black
8. Cloudbusting (feat. Holly McNarland)
9. Cold Water
10. Army Of Lions
11. Los Alamos

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